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Summer courses for young learners

These courses are ideal for young learners who want to improve their language skills in a fun and enjoyable way while they are on their school holidays. These courses are designed to be communicative and motivating and to meet the interests of teenage learners. The aim of these courses is to use what students already know and use confidence building activities to help students become more confident users and speakers of the language. All members of the class are expected to participate and work together in pairs and groups to complete tasks, information gap/problem solving activities. Language input is usually in the mornings (15 hours per week), leaving the rest of the day to enjoy the organised activities and excursions. We have courses for young learners from 8-20 years old. Courses run in June, July, and August and run for 1-8 weeks.

Some of the courses we offer include:

Standard multi-activity summer schools: These tend to be the most popular courses. Students receive 15 hours of tuition in the mornings (Monday-Friday) with a variety of sports and cultural activities in the afternoons. Evenings are dedicated to in-house entertainment including talent shows, karaoke, themed discos, film nights etc.

Activity Camps: These tend to be American style camps where the emphasis is on team-building and leadership skills, and learning through "doing". Campers are given a wide range of outdoor activities to choose from. The benefit of these camps is that native speaking children as well as international children attend them. Summer camps aim to provide exciting challenges and enable young people to learn new skills.

Language Plus: These courses give students the opportunity to practise language skills in combination with another activity which may be something the student is passionate about, or perhaps a new skill the student would like to learn. Students receive tuition in the mornings and afternoons are dedicated to their chosen activity. Some of the options we have on offer are: language + football, horse riding, dance, surfing, tennis, golf, leadership, film-making, dance, drama, basketball, diving, sailing, and much more...

High School integration courses: Students become a member of a class at a local state school and participate in all classes in English with local students. They enjoy the opportunity to chat with other students and make new friends out of class time.

Boarding School taster courses: Students receive intensive language tuition and the chance to experience life in a British boarding school. As part of providing a genuine experience of British Boarding School life, students receive lessons in academic subjects such as History, Geography, Maths and Science.

University taster courses: These courses give young people the opportunity to experience life at a British university. Lessons will be in chosen subject areas and take the format of lectures and seminars.

All summer courses for juniors tend to have classes in the mornings and activities (sports or cultural) or half-day excursions in the afternoons. Evenings are dedicated to games or organised events and on weekends students go on full day excursions to nearby towns and cities.

Classroom students language courses

General language courses

General language courses are the most popular option chosen by students and they can be taken at any level, from complete beginner, through to proficient language user. These courses give students an overview of all areas of language learning (reading, writing, listening, speaking, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, functional language etc.) and aim to boost learners’ confidence in speaking while preparing them to communicate in real-life, everyday situations. Students usually receive 15-20 hours per week of tuition. Most of these courses take place in the mornings between 9am and 13.00. Some schools also offer afternoon classes.

Classroom students language courses
Classroom students language courses

Intensive language courses

Intensive language courses follow a similar structure to General language courses but include more hours of tuition (generally 22 or more hours per week which take place over mornings and afternoons). Intensive courses are ideal for those who:

  • have a goal they need to reach within a certain time limit
  • wish to focus exclusively on language study, while being immersed in a foreign country
  • want to maximise their time spent abroad with an intense academic experience

Exam courses

Exam courses prepare students for the essential language and vocabulary requirements for an exam they intend to take. These courses also familiarise learners with the format of the exam, including useful exam techniques and strategies in order to maximise test performance.

Some schools also offer a combination of General language tuition in the mornings with exam preparation lessons in the afternoons. We will be able to match you to a course that meets your requirements.

A selection of examinations that we offer include: PET (Preliminary English Test), FCE (First Certificate in English), CAE (Cambridge Advanced), CPE (Cambridge Proficiency), IELTS, TOEFL, Trinity GESE, Trinity ISE, CELI, CILS, PLIDA, TOEIC, TOEFL, BEC Vantage and Higher, DELE, CELPE-Bras, and many more...

Classroom students language courses
Classroom students language courses

Business courses

Business courses provide students with a powerful tool to increase confidence at work as well as optomising communicative ability in a wide range of business related situations. The courses are tailored for those who want to enhance their Business language skills, focusing on aspects such as report writing, presentations, negotiation skills, technical language, and telephoning. Classes also offer students the opportunity to meet other individuals from similar or other business sectors.

Courses offer a degree of flexibility to meet your specific needs allowing learners to choose the intensity and content of the learning programme. Class sizes tend to be reduced groups of 4-8 individuals.

Low cost courses

Low cost courses allow anyone the possibility to learn a language abroad. For students who are on a budget and looking for a basic, no frills course our low-cost options are for you. Low-cost courses tend to be offered by the following providers:

  • Language schools who specialise specifically in providing affordable courses. All teachers are fully qualified. Classes have up to 22 students in a class.
  • Teacher Training Centres. The teacher will be a teacher in training and will be observed and closely monitored by course supervisors. There are usually 8-12 students per class.
  • Community Centres. These classes are run by registered charities. The teachers are volunteers and may or may not be qualified teachers. There will be between 1 – 12 students per class.
Classroom students language courses
Accommodation for premium language courses

Premium Courses

Our Premium Course selection includes only the very best in terms of quality, location and flexibility. These courses have been hand-picked by us and not only offer exceptional quality, but are unparalleled and unrivalled by what’s already on the current market. To be included amongst our premium courses the course must provide: 5-star accommodation, state-of-the-art teaching facilities, a truly exclusive experience that is unique to the school, bespoke courses. Contact us for more information.

Teacher training courses

We offer a number of teacher training qualifications that are internationally recognised, meet minimum standards, and are accredited by reputable bodies. These courses are ideal for those looking for a new career opportunity, a short break in one’s existing career, or challenging work to do on a gap year. The most requested courses are the CELTA and Trinity Cert TESOL, but we do offer a range of other teacher training courses.

Classroom students language courses
Classroom students language courses

Live with a language teacher

Students experience living in the home of a qualified, native speaker teacher. As well as receiving a bespoke learning programme tailored to meet specific learning objectives students receive general conversation with the teacher and his/her family outside of lesson time. By living in a family environment learners get the opportunity to participate in activities or events with locals, allowing them to gain an insider’s perspective of living in the country. The teacher also accompanies the student on a number of excursions to local places of interest. All lessons take place in your teacher’s home, so there is no need to travel to get to lessons.

Classroom students language courses

Academic year abroad (Secondary School)

We offer a placement service in state and private schools with host family or residence accommodation for one semester, or a full academic year in the UK, Ireland, USA, or Canada. This course option is ideal for young people who intend to apply to a college or university in the destination country. This type of experience also provides the opportunity to achieve fluency by becoming truly bilingual.

University applications

MAPS Language offers advice and assistance with university applications for a variety of university courses. We can also provide assistance with UCAS applications, including personal statements.

Classroom students language courses
Classroom students language courses

Courses for families

Schools offer packages which include tuition for the child/children in the mornings while the parents have free time to go sightseeing and explore the local area, or alternatively courses that involve the whole family with a full activity and excursion plan. A minimum of one parent and one child are permitted on family courses. This type of course is ideal for those looking to learn a new skill together while on holiday, or for parents reluctant to let their children travel alone or with friends.