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Activity and excursion programmes for junior students

Most junior summer programmes include activities and excursions in the course package. The number of activities and excursions per course will vary from school to school. MAPS Language can filter through our options and select courses based on your preferences.

On a multi-activity summer course daytime and sports activities may include: football tournaments, table tennis, volleyball, netball, basketball, swimming, dance or aerobics workshop, art & crafts classes, drama workshops, project work, or half-day excursions to nearby places of interest.

Full day excursions usually take place at the weekend.

Evening activities could include: discos, karaoke, talent shows, cinema, quiz and games nights, welcome and farewell parties, fancy dress nights, treasure hunts…and much more.

View a one-week sample timetable of a multi-activity summer course

Activities for junior students - seaside visit
Activities for adult students - museum visit

Social programme for adult students

Social programmes are organised for adult learners taking a course at a language school. The purpose of the social programme is to maximise opportunities to practise language skills in authentic social situations, as well as making new friends, and learning about aspects of a country’s culture and history.

All activities are optional and students are invited to sign up for the social events or excursions that they would like to join. The school staff who organise the events will take part in the event, as well as the other students who have signed up for event. The social calendar is usually updated on a weekly or monthly basis.

Many of the activities will be free; others may involve a small charge for transport fares or entrance fees. The types of activities offered may include: live music events, museum visits, organised sports tournaments, meals at restaurants, bowling, cinema, visits and excursions to nearby cities or local places of historical or cultural interest.